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Mental Health

Young and old, mild to severe, there is no one face to mental health. The symptoms are as diverse as those they affect. At Chrysalis Health Ohio, we work with clients to develop custom treatment programs for their unique needs.


Our clinical services range from counseling clients with mild mental health issues to treating severe psychiatric disorders. With such diverse clients and needs, our team is constantly working to develop individualized treatment programs that give every person we treat the best chance for a full, healthy life.


Our outpatient programs provide mental health services to children, adolescents, adults and families. After thorough assessment and evaluation to determine treatment needs, our therapists provide individual and/or family therapy in schools, at our client’s homes, or in offices at some locations.

Chrysalis Health Ohio has developed a strength-based, on-site therapeutic approach to mental health counseling, which allows us access to a client’s natural behaviors, environment, and support system.

Counseling Services

We offer a wide variety of mental health counseling programs and services to meet your needs. 


Individual mental health counseling is our most common treatment approach. Our services are designed to help people experiencing challenges in their lives ranging from adjustments to life stressors, to difficulty in daily functioning, to more significant behavioral and/or emotional concerns.

Home & School 

One the most unique services offered by Chrysalis Health Ohio is our on-site treatment. Most of our therapists and counselors are out in the field helping people improve their lives in their homes and schools. These settings provide those we serve with a more familiar environment that help put them at ease and improve their chances for success. 


Family counseling may include parents, siblings, children, relatives, or others relevant to the psychological health of one’s family. We understand the nature and power of families. We strive to help them build on their strengths and improve and balance relationships.

Psychology Patient



Outpatient Counseling Services provides various services to individuals three years of age and older who are experiencing emotional distress or are experiencing problems requiring therapeutic interventions and to treat chronic mental illness. Helping individuals improve their coping skills, enhance their self-esteem, eliminating or assisting individuals to minimize stress interfering with their daily functioning are the primary goals of our programs.

Day Treatment Groups are available 4 days per week at varying times and locations to promote accessibility. The purpose of these groups is to help clients develop skills needed to remain in the community (step-down from hospitalization to avoid re-admission).

Outpatient Mental Health Services

     •Individual Assessment

     •Outpatient Treatment

     •Day Treatment Groups

     •Case Management

Mental Health Counselors

Mental Health Counselors at Chrysalis Health Ohio for adult and youth clients are all licensed through the Counselor, Social Work, and Marriage and Family Board. All are trained and certified to provide the best mental health recovery support in the

Ohio Valley.

Addiction Counselors 

Addiction counselors at Community Outreach Recovery Environment (C.O.R.E), are licensed through the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board.  All are trained and certified to provide the best addiction and recovery support in the

Ohio Valley.

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